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This is a low grade favorite of mine and a recent pickup. It’s a 1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel. This piece is graded by PCGS as G04 and has been certified by CAC.

The coin has natural wear and great original surfaces. The overdate is visible to the eye without a loupe. The braid has its major outlines left intact but finer details are not visible.

A slight notion of the horn’s base is still visible. The eye is very apparent and still recognizable. The details on the main are still highly available and the majority of the tail.

More info from PCGS on the 1918/7-D

David Hall

For the past 50 years or so, the 1918/7-D Buffalo nickel has been justifiably recognized as one of the most important 20th Century numismatic rarities. This bold overdate is rare in circulated grades, very rare in Mint State and almost impossible to find in Gem condition. The 1918/7-D is certainly the rarest coin in the Buffalo nickel series (excluding some more recently discovered varieties) and it is one of the most important coins of the 20th Century. This issue is usually fairly well struck. The rare Mint State coin usually has decent luster. Note that all genuine 1918/7-D nickels have a mintmark that tilts to the left.

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  1. It’s my belief that Buffalo nickels, as well as Standing Liberty quarters should be graded by the date only on grades of Good thru Fine. I was able to cherry the overdate nickel with less of a date than the one you show.

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