The Numismatist 1931


As published in the July 1931 volume of The Numismatist, this article is stating that there was confusion to whom the face was on the buffalo nickel. As there were stories from the previous eighteen years since the nickel’s inception mintage in 1913.

That is not the face of Chief Two Guns Whitecalf on the Buffalo nickels.

It is three other fellows, says an Associated Press dispatch.

Ever since the present 5-cent piece was designed, about eighteen years ago, there have been stories to the effect that Two Guns was the original of the Indian head.

Recently James E. Frazer, who designed the coin, wrote the Indian Office that he had never seen Two Guns, but had used three different Indians to obtain the design.

One was named Irontail, another was TwoMoons, a Cheyenne chief who is now dead.

Frazer has forgotten the name of the other. Nevertheless, Chief Two Guns has a magnificent head and many artists have modeled it.

src: The Numismatist July 1931

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