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[Closed] RULES - READ ME

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Each of the below is a guideline for proper conduct on the forum. Should you violate any of the rules, you will receive one warning, this warning may come as a blanket warning to the entire thread. If the warning is ignored, you will be banned, the duration of the ban is at the discretion of the moderator that issued it. Moderators may delete or close any thread or comment at any time without warning if the content violates the below rules or if a moderator determines the removal of the content to be in the best interest of the hobby, the community.

This is a forum paid for by the members of the Buffalo Nickel Club and provided to exchange information regarding Buffalo Nickels.

  1. Posts must not contain inappropriate language in the form of cuss words, name-calling, sexual suggestion etc.

  2. Posts must not contain libelous (accusatory, attacking) remarks concerning any individual, company, or other entity.

  3. This is a community, as such, slightly off-topic threads are expected, however, topics such as politics or other "taboo" subjects are not permitted. Should the thread be deemed inflammatory, negative or violate any rules it will be deleted or closed at the moderator's discretion, without warning.

  4. Posts promoting or bashing other grading companies or services are not allowed.

  5. Fundraising - Buffalo Nickel Club is proud to allow posts seeking to fundraise for numismatic causes. These causes can include, members of the numismatic community that are experiencing hard times or programs such as research initiatives and YN classes. You may be asked to provide proof that the funds generated from this forum will be put toward the initiative outlined in the post. Unfortunately, we cannot allow non-numismatic related fundraising, charitable or otherwise. All fundraising posts must be approved by a moderator.

  6. No alt, alternative or spare accounts. One account per member, no exceptions.

  7. Users that choose to use the red "User Banned" profile image will be banned immediately and indefinitely.

  8. If you didn't receive your confirmation email, check your junk/spam folder and mark it as not junk. 

These rules apply to the entirety of the Forum.

Buffalo Nickel Club may update the rules at any time and without warning.

Be kind to each other, and happy collecting.