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1916 P 2 feather No F

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Hello. This is my first post and I have a question about a 1916 2F that also has NO F. I can't find a reference for it and was wandering if it is due to wear or what. Welcome all input.

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Tough to tell from this image what is wear or not.  Can we get a full obverse and reverse pic? 

Definitely a 2F, and looks to be a “No F” as well, though it looks like there might be just the faintest amount of designer initial left. I could be seeing things. 

There were several dies for the “No F”.  One of which had a full but faint 3rd feather, one with only a small remnant of the 3rd feather remaining, and at least one die pair that is also a 2F. Yours being the later. 

A true No F left the mint this way.  Heavily polished dies removed the initial. To remove the designer initial post mint, it would take a significant amount of wear. The date would be far less visible than your example is before the “F” would completely disappear.  

That said, you do need to be on the look out for altered examples. These have been known to be altered; people intentionally removing the 3rd feather or initial to pass off as a genuine example.  With these, one must learn to spot alterations to the surface under magnification.  Usually easy to spot.