Buffalo Nickel Club Logo

Our Mission

At the Buffalo Nickel Club we want to promote the education, appreciation, and preservation of the iconic Buffalo nickel through community engagement, networking, and the sharing of knowledge and resources. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where collectors of all levels can come together to learn, share, and experience the rich history and significance of this beloved coin. Together, we will strive to build a community of passionate and knowledgeable collectors who will work to preserve the legacy of the Buffalo nickel for generations to come. 

1938-D/D from PCGS

1914/3 from PCGS

Our Vision

Our vision at the Buffalo Nickel Club is to be the premier community for the preservation and appreciation of the iconic Buffalo nickel. We aim to empower and educate collectors of all levels through the sharing of knowledge, resources, and experiences. We will foster a culture of inclusivity and collaboration, where members can connect, learn and grow together. Through our efforts, we envision a future where the Buffalo nickel is celebrated and respected as a cherished piece of American history and culture, and where its legacy is preserved for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.


1935 Double Die Reverse from PCGS